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Thoughts Of Bewilderment

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How To Put It All Together

On one hand

We keep striving for more

When all we really only want

Is less

Very little control

Lots of different situations

Hard to decipher

As much as I try

There are things we have to do

Then there are things we want to do

And how far and wide until they meet

When things seem so complicated

We have to prioritize

It is a hard pill to swallow

So instead lets just take small bites and chew

Every day is different

Even though the people are the same

There is an unknown essence

I can't put my finger on

I keep looking and attempting to make the right decisions

Little do I know

The view in front of me

Is foggy and blurry

Not all the time

Enough to keep me questioning and searching

How do we make pigs fly ?

What is going on?

There are things that i just don't know

I look for ways to grasp

I know what is right

It is a long way to Kentucky from here

So as we break down the barriers

Both hidden and real

May our last thoughts be

For goodness and purity

If there was a way

To take all we wanted

Add water and solidify

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