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Thoughtful Destruction

First I thought;

Maybe the way that people love is just that. Maybe in a way; we all settle. We are all dealing with each other and we are all constantly choosing who we deal with. Maybe its silly me, I shouldn't expect a love like my own. And why is it that my love feels best to me?

Is that how we all feel?

Aimlessly searching for ourselves in others just trying to feel the love that we are... And I don't want to lose myself; not in you... And I don't want to lose this love; why is that? And if I'm not willing to be lost in you and I'm not willing to lose this love is there any medium?

Then I thought;

How often will I be in in this place of question?

Do you think we deserve what we get?

I am poison. The kind that feels like potion and taste like candy; sweet and addicting. Oh but the sting that pierces you once I've already dripped onto your soul, that is unbearable. And soon it grows cold and from the inside out you will rot and I will leave your dead body; alone and soulless.

I thought you were the one.

I thought that you would slip free of my alluring stare and gaze beyond my eyes. I thought you were stronger. I thought that you would deny my enticing influences and together we'd make sense of power. And you're falling apart before my eyes and it disgusts me.

Be a human! I am no devilish creation feeding on souls for sustenance. I am nothing but mere reality and humanity and I manage to sit back and watch you let me destroy you... You're weak. For I have no real power. It is you who allows me to sweetly coheres my poison into your naive soul. I may never find the one who will change my poison into peace... If you let me destroy you darling, I will…

© 2018 Christa Canady

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