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Thou Has Dealt With Me

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Like a lost sheep, I have gone astray
Searching for the way back
I lost my way
The shepherd left the 99
And came all the way
From a distance, he heard me calling for
_ help

As I was stuck on the thorny bush
I tried to move but my skin tore
As the shepherd drew nearer
My calling grew even louder
It made the shepherd come even more
_ closer

From the thorny bush, He picked me
As He stroked me all the scars were gone
Turning to see what happened
The shepherd took all the scars into his _own hands

The sheep knew that He was her Savior
She gazed on His face, to hear him whisper,
" I am your shepherd,
you were lost
and now you are

_ found"

I said I called you in the days of trouble
And whispered my silent prayer
Jesus come to deal and dwell with me
And thou has dealt and will forever dwell
_ in me

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