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Those Thorns Really Hurt


I Should Have Changed My Gloves

I was working out in the yard

Digging in the dirt

I had a pair of light work gloves

Then I saw a thorn bush I didn't like

Instantly, I decided to cut it back

The bushes snapped really easy

So instead of doing it the right way

By getting the sheers to cut it back

I tried snapping them with my hands

As I carried them away

Of course, thorns were going to prick me

Now I can't see if they are in my fingers or just cut me

I hit the same spot in work

It sends me to a different place

I was too lazy to do it right

Stubborn and in a rush

Now I pay the price

Today I find new ways to do old things

I wonder if thorn bushes could be used to make something

Maybe a work of art?

They are so sharp

If we had to survive in the wild

They would make a good trap for an animal

Then it also could be used to keep unwanted animals away

A rainy chilly day here

No yard work today

The rain gives me time to do other things

That may not of other wise got done


DREAM ON (author) on May 05, 2021:

BRENDA ARLEDGE I think you are on to something larger than life. I can spend all day in the yard. Loving even the Dandelions which other people hate. I think they are cool flowers even if they cover a nice green grassy lawn and other people call them weeds. I see a different view than most people. How to express that view in a not-so-friendly world is beyond me. I might just have to keep my thoughts to myself. Then again that is no fun. Why not let the world roast me over an open fire. I always did love a firepit. The heat and the bright flames. Just sayin... I couldn't agree with you more. Thank you for always reading and caring. I am so happy to share. I know the answer might be hidden deep in there. Have a good night.

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on May 05, 2021:

Maybe its trying to tell us something about the struggles we face in life.

Just sayin..

DREAM ON (author) on May 05, 2021:

BRENDA ARLEDGE There is something about the struggle I also enjoy. Man vs. Nature power struggle. Even though I have cutters and the ability to cut and remove nature has been around forever. It finds a way to survive. They maybe can be used for some good purpose. They are so strong. For now just a real pain in the butt. (lol)Thank you for sharing and caring. Have a wonderful night.

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on May 05, 2021:

I hate those vines too...used to always get in the way of my satellite tv dish.

I had electric shears...but such a hassle to get them out. .lol

DREAM ON (author) on May 05, 2021:

BRENDA ARLEDGE I am going to go to town with big hedge clippers because I am not happy with the thorny bush. Then again it may push me to try something new. Nothing comes to mind. I will sleep on it. I also have a vine that spreads underground which is unbelievable. Every time I pull it up it there is more that comes back. Thank you so much for reading and sharing. Wishing you a fun day.

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on May 05, 2021:

Dream on

I feel your pain.

I used to have a barberry bush that would get out of hand.

And yes...i had those budh trimmers but never seemed to use them.

Those little thorns carry a big bite.

Take care & let us know if you invent a weapon.

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