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Those Thorns Really Hurt

I Should Have Changed My Gloves

I was working out in the yard

Digging in the dirt

I had a pair of light work gloves

Then I saw a thorn bush I didn't like

Instantly, I decided to cut it back

The bushes snapped really easy

So instead of doing it the right way

By getting the sheers to cut it back

I tried snapping them with my hands

As I carried them away

Of course, thorns were going to prick me

Now I can't see if they are in my fingers or just cut me

I hit the same spot in work

It sends me to a different place

I was too lazy to do it right

Stubborn and in a rush

Now I pay the price

Today I find new ways to do old things

I wonder if thorn bushes could be used to make something

Maybe a work of art?

They are so sharp

If we had to survive in the wild

They would make a good trap for an animal

Then it also could be used to keep unwanted animals away

A rainy chilly day here

No yard work today

The rain gives me time to do other things

That may not of other wise got done

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