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Divine Moments in My Typical Day


Val enjoys writing prose in rhymes by always leaving a message of a life truism in each piece.


There are certain states beyond mind, beyond social self-image -- even beyond any bodily sensations. They so much feel like that innocence of early childhood while we were too young to be forced into becoming socially acceptable beings.

As I am daily sinking into that essence of who I am, I am experiencing something divine; something impossible to translate into words. So, as I gently snap out of it, I can't bring it into my wakeful sate -- albeit its taste as though dictates that peacefulness, calm, and equanimity, that prevail in the rest of my day.

Then I can even write my satires in which it appears that I am "bitter" about the human condition in the world -- but they are all written with a Mona Lisa smile on this face. While I love mankind, I refuse to carry the weight of collective stupidity on my shoulders, for I am not responsible for any of it.

So I have cultivated and refined my mind into simplicity of loving and respecting every moment of my life. Is it hard to cultivate? Paradoxically, it's quite difficult only because being mainly survivalists, people's instincts don't allow them to surrender their need for being constantly in control -- so, if it's not easy, it's impossible, and that's why it's difficult because it can't be easy..

True meditation has something almost ghostly in itself, as I don't feel that I have a body at all. And in many ways it's a trip into a realm of the unknown, where everything familiar ceases to exist. It's pure consciousness.

Some associate these states to something like "awakened kundalini energy". Well, I have been doing kundalini breathing for a long time, and meditation even longer -- but I won't make any esoteric claims. To me it's just something that I feel. And it feels absolutely outlandish and divine.

In some clumsy attempts, the spirit of that experiencing is described in following pieces of my prose in rhymes.

No Book's Description of Deep Meditation Could Do a Justice to That Experience

No Book's Description of Deep Meditation Could Do a Justice to That Experience

Quiet the mind, and the soul will speak.

-- Ma Jaya Sati Ghagavati

My Meditation

Deep I drift away from my everyday story's myth

sinking into realm for which words don't exist

at first feeling heavy like a fleshy monolith

then lighter than feather or morning mist.

All sense of myself familiar so well

dispersing like a cloud unblocking sun

with emergence of something hard to tell

but recognized again like an old show's rerun.

Feeling a sort like homecoming after trip

heart-felt nostalgia for something gone

unutterable liberation from ego's trip

something so unique for me alone.

It's so futile trying to share that intimate state

and these words are clumsy way of such try

but I want to tell you about something great

outlandishly divine if like that pie in the sky.

Called "pure consciousness", and I agree

like a body-less state, almost ghostly to feel

so much more godly than an ego could ever be

but without need to close palms, or need to kneel.

It's a Paradox of Life -- Babies Are in Such a Hurry to Grow up, while Grownups Are Desperately Trying to Recapture That Innocence of Childhood.

It's a Paradox of Life -- Babies Are in Such a Hurry to Grow up, while Grownups Are Desperately Trying to Recapture That Innocence of Childhood.

See the world like for the first time; see it through the eyes of the child, and you will suddenly find that you are free.

-- Deepak Chopra

If I Could See With Baby's Eyes

Sometimes I wonder how it would feel

to be that baby again that I used to be

then I experience something so ideal

fantasizing about what I would see.

If I could see with tiny baby's eyes

unaware of what they are seeing

I'd let the world come to my size

just forever loving and agreeing.

If I could hear with baby's ears

cannons would play lullabies

laughter come out of tears

and truth replace all lies.

If I could touch with the baby's hands

it could be your face I would touch

with tiny heart that understands

why I'm loving you all so much.

If I could smell with baby's tiny nose

winter would have aroma of a spring

and dandelion would smell like a rose

every beggar would smell like my king.

Moments of Bliss Are Only Possible With Enormous and Genuine Feeling of Gratitude and Love

Moments of Bliss Are Only Possible With Enormous and Genuine Feeling of Gratitude and Love

If brain could have orgasms, I am pretty sure this was what it would feel like.

-- Cora Carmack

Flares of Bliss

In the past at moments when I felt like this

they would ask me if I had smoked weed

as they only knew of an artificial bliss

so it had to be marijuana or speed.

Interestingly, it's not nearly as contagious

as the pissed-off disposition would be

it may even be seen as outrageous

by those on daily misery spree.

That's why I mostly reserve such a mood

for times of my meditative walks in park

where I won't appear as a weird dude

while I'm free to be happy as a lark.

How I do it -- please don't even ask

no amount of trying will get you there

for if it's not easy -- it's impossible task

the only explanation I could think of so far.

Suffice to say -- just off hand

it's about the ability to drop it all

nothing to know or to understand

just let your mind have that free fall.

Don't hold on anything, be a kid again

chasing butterflies on aromatic meadow

to see it from adult perspective is all in vain

for, kid can't feel blissful in authority's shadow.

Happiness Comes from Within, It Doesn't Depend on Favorable Circumstances

Happiness Comes from Within, It Doesn't Depend on Favorable Circumstances

The true secret of happiness lies in the taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life.

-- William Morris

Happiness Not Shared

Sometimes I feel on top of the world

eager to share it with every living soul

but witnessing others in misery curled

and not to touch me with ten foot pole.

Like a leper shunned by the crowd

I used to feel on so many occasions

just happy and not appearing proud

getting no soft touch, only abrasions.

So many don't get animated by you

when they see you happy and aglow

they'd rather see you pissed and blue

that's what their eyes oftentimes show.

Should I feel guilty for my every smile

for feeling light like a birthday balloon

at times I envision all grouches on pile

and with first rocket sent to the moon.

Regardless, I keep having my solo fun

with every flower, baby, and a blue sky

basking my happy heart in summer sun

borrowing wings of a carefree butterfly.

Video narrated by someone who discovered his own bliss

© 2020 Val Karas


Chrish Canosa from Manila Philippines on December 13, 2020:

So much to cope in here! Your message really do make sense.

An awesome day to you ;-)

Chitrangada Sharan from New Delhi, India on December 12, 2020:

A beautifulday written piece, with many takeaways, and much food for thought.

Life keeps on changing and so does our thinking towards life, the way we deal with it. I believe that, as we age we become more matured, we worry less about what other's opinion is, about us. We start living in the moment, have a sense of gratitude about the good things that happened to us, and start accepting what went wrong.

Happiness is a state of mind, and each morning, we must remind this to ourselves and start afesh.

Many thanks for sharing this wonderful article. I really enjoyed reading this.

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on December 12, 2020:


Once again you have touched upon something amazing.

Few people understand how to be blissfully happy. How to just be in the moment without worrying about all the adult stuff in their lives.

I must admit that there are times when I fall into that same category where I let things bring me down.

But when I awake each morning I am unconditionally happy. Ready to start my day with a skip in my step.

Some peoole find it a bit odd that I can be so perky, but I call it feeling alive.

Like I am part if this vast universe.

I cannot say that I truly meditate, but I do talk to the universe quite a bit when I'm alone.

Thank you for another great read.

Keep being yourself and write more fantastic poetry.

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