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Those were the "Days"

This inquisitive fellow here serves an inclination towards reading, writing, exploring new things and much more....


Those were the days

When life was all about

Elfish glees

Murdering the ( people's) ears

With clamour & shrieks...

Those were the days

A panicle of the

Hurly-burly of school life

When homeworks & studies

Were the only strife...

Those were the days

When life was confined to

Mere thoughts of foolishness

Mine being to monitor

The journey of Miss Eraseress

( Oh..!! my habit of assigning

Names to my stuffs..)

Well, that was a task

Which I could never effectuate

As Miss Eraseress

Always used to evade...

Those were the days

When life wasn't

Strewn with puzzles

All it encompassed

Was inanity & giggles...

Those were the days

Of innocent eyes

Evincing the truth

& bearing no lies...

Those were the days

When these unblemished eyes

Built castles in the air

Then, even these will-o-the-wisps

Seemed to be viable...

But these are the days

When these figment of imaginations

Seem to be inexpedient

& has an apparent lack of passions...

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