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Those Comparative Fraudulent Charges

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Started the morning off in somewhat of a mess

Chaos and early rising with a purpose

Forced to act like a functioning adult sooner

Than Mother Nature or circadian rhythm intended

Made a conscious effort to find a groove

Which didn't materialize for the entire day

Thrown into a different pattern in a forceful manner

Required to play a part that no one expected to play

Least of all the director and the star of this show

Locked in a corner out of extreme stage fright

Wondered when it would be the day

That critical approval met from all sides

An unrealistic ideal in every possible sense

Just wished that some semblance of it

Came from those who had a lot of value

Tried to not let naysayers tear down progress made

Somedays felt above the noise and the critiques

Other days completely submerged in water

Drowning under the weight of pressure and opinions

Craved a certain level of respect that won't happen

Will always be seen as a specific type

Even when not intending to be such a thing

Labelled as childish or throwing a quiet tantrum

Theories abound from the slightest missteps

Such as using too much perfume or hairspray

Wearing a pair of workout pants that saw better days

Accused of being lazy and sacrificing appearance

For the sake of putting on an air of artificiality

Hard to have a desire to impress when working from home

Only company is the television and a potted plant

Scratch the last one; saw its last sunlight yesterday

Submerged in much junk television competition shows

Meaningless fare to escape into something random

Misjudged for thinking the material mattered

Didn't believe that in the slightest; needed to turn off brain

Not think about the outside world and the judgments within

Need an opportunity to recalibrate a new course of action

Instructions from Suri or anyone has to be turned off

This year hasn't been so kind; deserve a chance to rebound

At a comfortable pace back to some form of routine

In the meantime, the critics have to back-off simply put.

Opinions welcome; even when the sound turned off.

Time to block the sound out.

Time to block the sound out.

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