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Thorns in the Heart

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Black petals

The biggest mistake of my life:
reciprocate to who now lives next to me.
Someone abhorrent, that I no longer tolerate.
The thorns are comparable to living with he.
Hatred blooms in black petals,
anger occurs in spiteful suns.

Alcohol is his great love,
grotesque words are the splendor of it.
Fury ignites in squawks of insults.
A ball of fire rolls and flies.
Frozen tears,
love in shreds

Cumulus of expectant desires,
they crave the right thing.
Extermination plans towards stinging emotions,
they begin to germinate between boiling stones.


The terrestrial time

And the melody continues its unscrupulous march,
Indifferent satiates his frivolity with youthful lights.
Reality watches me and in the romantic region,
manifests his crude act with vulgar and coarse voices.
Multiplied by a single human sequence,
and perceived in thousands of echoes that sin.

Doesn't there exist the matchless tenderness of seductive lovers?
Their looks his did rest many times on my physiognomy.
Ephemeral images that wanted to express their abstraction and touch,
their figures in bursts of time tore my already broken longings.

The terrestrial time continues its walk without stopping
a single second of feelings.
Tired, disappointed did live romanticism that lived in me.
I'm tired of my battered self-love.


Extinction of the romanticism of my being

The romanticism is extinguished from my heart,
inevitable is the annihilation of floating dreams.
Once I thought I loved, and I thought I was loved,
but it was all falsehood in disguise.
If I could reach the moment when your pretending hands requested
my attention. If I could then, run away from this future that I now touch, perceive and feel.

But not. No. Other blessings followed.
God always compensates, despite our bad decisions.
He supports, and gives us other facts on the cusp of sun and love.

It only remains for me to separate the benefits received,
of the bad decisions of my hands in free will.


False perceptions

My thoughts torment me
and the ghosts that wander around me.
I can't take a nap of peaceful rhymes.
I can't help but feel this weight crushing me
unable to dodge its thorns.

I perceive not being worthy of many things,
and evil perceptions are not true.
They are not true!
God loves me, and Jesus forgives me.
I believe in your infinite blessings
my faith is unshakeable.

© 2022 Venus Mary

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