Thor Rhymes

Updated on October 17, 2017



Thor was in line to be the next king.
He went to the frost giants to retrieve.
The casket that the frost giants had taken.
His father's orders not to go were forsaken.
A battle erupts. Thor rounds up his troops.
He destroys between them a fragile truce.
His father intervenes and takes them home.
And tells Thor that he's not ready for the throne.
He cast thor to earth. Where he is mortal.
His hammer follows but under orders.
If you are not worthy it cannot be held.
Many have tried, but it stayed where fell.
Thor meets Jane Foster and Erik Silver
While trying to live life as a mortal being.
He discovered his hammer's location.
And proceeded to go get it.
In the meantime, Loki learns more.
That he is not the blood brother thor.
While the real king rest. Loki takes command.
& sends a destroyer to earth so that his plan.
So that his plan goes smoothly.
He commands kill Thor so that he stays ruling.
He stays ruling Asgard.
but thor's friends going too makes the task hard.
They inform thor of Loki's behavior.
and thor sees that he must be the savior.
First, he had to prove himself worthy.
The destroyer made that easy.
He was attacked. He was dying.
but his sacrifice proved he's worthy of wearing.
He gets back all of his armor
He gets back Mjolnir, his hammer
He is now enabled to defeat.
He kisses Jane Goodbye and dethrones Loki.

Chris HemsWorth
Natilie Portman
Tom Hiddleston

Tho:The Dark World

Before it started

Eons ago, Odin of Asgard.
Goes to MALEKITH, the dark.
The dark elf. He's seeking to unleash.
The Aether. Looking to defeat.
Looked to defeat Asgard.
They tried but Odin's safeguards.
Defeated them instead.
and put the Aether within.
Put the Aether in a stone column.
but bor didn't really imprison them.
Eons later, they don't make that mistake.
They imprisoned Loki and he stayed in place.
While Thor repels marauders, with the help of his friends.
On Vanaheim. To defeat a great comrade named Hogun.
The rainbow bridge was being reconstructed.
& the nine realms were being protected.
but they soon learn that the Convergence.
Was really a rare alignment.
The event is approaching.
As portals around the world are appearing.
While the great DR.JANE FOSTER.
Was searching for Thor after.
In the midst, she went to a factory.
Where one of the portals was appearing.
While appearing, the laws of physics.
Were often disrupted with little limits.
Meanwhile, Jane's teleported away.
As something gets in her DNA.
She is not transformed but protected.
King Odin reveals that she is an infection.
Been affected with the Aether.
Its return has catastrophy in its picture.
Malekith was awakened by it.
He sends ALGRIM to apprehend it.
They sense it is within Jane.
So their approach is changed.
They find her but she is protected.
They don't get her but send a message.
The message is gotten. The protector is killed.
Loki and Thor team up to fulfill.
They want revenge on Malekith.
So they escape after they release.
After releasing Jane. They head to a hideout.
Tricking Malekith take the Aether out.
Thor attempts to destroy the substance.
But that attempt ends in a failed method.
Malekith absorbs it and goes to London.
By releasing the Aether at the convergence.
To restore the Dark Elves back into dominance.
But thor ends it before it's started.

Chris Hemsworth
Natilie Portman
Tom Hiddleston
Chris Eccleston

© 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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