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This Century

21st Century

My Generation

We need a discussion

There is something wrong

We are heading in the wrong direction

We don't want responsibilities

We want to be treated like grown up babies

We want the easiest way

'I can't go to class Its on Friday

I can't wake up early Its raining heavily'

We need to change this mentality.

No jobs, we are complaining

But you are busy in your room

Chatting, and lying and eating

Waiting for ur house help

Your plate is half empty

She cleaned your room late

Your clothes are not clean yet

You complain. .We need to change this mentality.

Where did we trade our good morals?

Did education come as a plague to attack our good morals?

My generation

We are young for a moment......Never forget that

Choose to be different

Don't wait until 'I don't know what happened'

Make the right choice now

Let your children be proud of you.

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