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This is the Right Time

It's Right Time


We will do something

when the time comes

We will change ourselves

when the time comes.

That's all there is to say

Sometimes there are favourable days

and sometimes unfavourable nights.

This is the right time to change yourself

And to start a new dawn.

To do something and

to do something.

Will not do anything

Only chance is available for excuse.

Time is considered

the most important and

valuable wealth in the world.

Therefore, we should not waste

this valuable money, that is, time.

Because the time spent

is not able to return.

It is true that

The past has not come back.

Time waits for no one.

The importance of time is also clear

from the fact that if money is lost,

it can be earned back.

If you lose health,

you can also get it.

But once the time is out of hand

that cannot come back.


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