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This Is How We Started

I don't have any achievements about writing but I love writing. It's one of the things that I love to do.


May the beauty of our beginnings reflects it's beauty on our ending

How it started?

Church is the place.

Where I first saw your face.

You're seating all alone on one corner.

So I thought you might need a partner.

Exchanging glances, we really don't.

I should have known first your font.

You seems so mysterious.

Though not that self conscious.

Time passed, we rarely meet.

Everywhere, with my unconscious feet.

Love? I'm not into search.

But again we meet in the Church.

Nothing really happened.

My seatbelt is now tightened.

I want us to be close, not that close

Just enough for me to strike a pose.

Early that morning we meet again.

We exchanged smiles, it's plain.

I'm really trying to intact my pride.

But someone pushed you to give me a ride.

I lost words the first time that we talked.

Maybe it's good for me just to walk.

It may sound cringe.

But my perspective change.

The other week we meet again.

It's was like saying 'no pain, no gain'

Somehow we're comfortable.

Though I'm not good in turning table.

We chat, talked, for many times.

I just want to slap you sometimes.

At first, you don't read aloud.

But now you're just so loud.

Punishing my nose.

"Oh, dear you're overdose"

"Don't you have one?"

"Stop pinching mine!"

We've known each other for a short of time.

Now you become my ultimate prime.

You have abs, covered with that big belly?

Bouncing back in forth, soft like jelly.

Sometimes, you're not in a good mood

If the world will tell you that you're not good

I am here to tell you that you're great.

Let's get out and together we breathe.

Reaching our goals together.

Together, we will be better.

Taking a risk with this stranger

I'm strong alone, but with you I'm stronger.

Laughing, crying, kicking each other.

Memories, together we will gather.

I'm always praying just for you to know.

You came into my life out of the blue.

How did this happened so fast?

Lost of words, that's all I can ask.

Well, It all starts in the church is the place

where I first saw your face.

The longest piece so far.

I enjoyed writing this piece.

© 2022 Resamae Santillan