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This Vegetable Made a Tough Guy Cry

I have been writing poetry, fiction and short stories for many years and have completed a book of poems. I also enjoy comedy writing.

Tough guy

Tough guy

Danny Davito, a mobster as tough as they come

He was a monster with a hammer and a knife, but he preferred the gun

He roughed up a lotta guys, some twice his age

There was nothing that made this tough guy afraid

He was the main muscle in the mafia

The last guy you would probably never wish to see

We once heard he gorged out a guy’s eye with a match stick and a pea

When he was around 5 years old his papa gave him a good smacking

Because he robbed the candy shop down the road with a slingshot and had beer cans popping

His pappy was a good Christian man who hated crime

But when he scolded Danny not a single drop of tears flowed from his eyes

His Pappy looked at him and said, “Boy, you are the devils son.”

Danny jumped up and smiled at his father and sent him to his saviour with a gun

Danny was popular, the mob was tight and every gangster had an open door

All tough guys were welcome, family and more

As tough as Danny was he seemed to love cooking

He had spices of all kinds in his stainless Steele kitchen

He had cook books and everything needed to make a great meal

But what happened next made the deal seal

Danny was cooking up a storm and suddenly tears began to flow from this tough guys eyes

Everyone stood still and the place remained quite for a while

No one knew what to do as Danny never cried before.

Not in a day, a week, ten years or a million

But this vegetable made him cry as he was chopping onions

Who knew? A simple vegetable as an onion would bring tears running down this tough guys face

But despite that, Danny Davito is still top dog running his place.

© 2018 Clive Williams

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