This One Has Your Name All Over Collectionish

Updated on April 15, 2018
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This hooliganistic scallyway writes poems about all of the random things that enter her mind.

Hidden loving side of the heart

Have you ever been tickled by love?

Told sweet nothings from a heart that matches your eyes?

When he caresses my soul, my cheeks erupt with a foreign hue whenever our forever comes to mind.

Ringing a happy tune through my ears, my heart sings your praise 48/7.

Although through blurry eyes and dirty glasses, I can 20/20 see your commitment.

You've toned your muscles from casually sauntering in my mind constantly


50 Word-Style [Love\ Limit

Your soul is my favorite piece of art,

With Genuine brushes of pastel, your pattern has transformed my watercolors to its full potential.

The harmonics in your voice followed by classic melodic composures deliver my soul through vinyl true feelings

Your genuine eyes hold Sirius-ly vibrant worthfuls of forever and evers.


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