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This My Brethren Is Not Your Home

Chrish is a poetry writer who loves to paint, nature and dog lover, who write for herself and happy to share it with you.


What is a house if it don't make us feel home?

What is a family when there's none shoulder

We can lean on?

Who are My brethren? for I so need them

To listen this silent loneliness I hide,

The one who sympathize not just who listen

Do I even have one? where can I find you?

And where can I see my mother? for My heart is broken

Wretched and alone,

Where is My home?

Where do I goeth when I needed thee?

I have crossed the desert of life

Barefoot and alone

That even My tears taste were bitter

It was a great thirst and hunger

It was like a rest at night under the pouring rain

Where there's no roof above me

My earthly life was as well

Through heavy storms,

You see that blackness of the night

Resting upon the mourning rhythm of the

Blue and dark sea?

Where the howling of the wind

Is a song of loneliness

Playing consistently around Me,

I have seen and have feeleth all the loneliness

That ever existed on earth

Mine heart is as well wearied, wounded

And tortured,

The longing for a true love, acceptance

And understanding from a family

It's its absence that bring distress upon Me

Mine as well were a thorny and a lonely

Path to travel, how it break My heart

By the misapprehension in Mine own home

So much that it was somewhere else

I find acceptance, love and peace

How lonely I were to look for a home

Where the feeling of being loathed

Do not exist, oh! How wearied My soul was

And how it bruised My heart.

Therefore, if you My brethren

Who have to endure all these loneliness

And hostility, the burden and the broken heart

Your own home cast upon you

I have commanded you to be strong

And of good courage

Rest under my refuge, and in the comfort of

My endless great love

Find companionship in Me

For this,

Peace shall comfort your worries

And your broken heart

You shall find relief as you call My name

In truth and with all your heart

For I have endure it all

And so you will,

You will not to bear the loneliness

And helplessness and difficulties alone

You are not to face the trials of this life alone

You are My brethren, a member of the heavenly family

Give Me thy heart, cast all thy loneliness

Upon me if thy own home betrayed you

Or wounded you or wretched you

For I carry you upon My heart,

As you call My name with all your heart

My presence shall embrace your heart and

Soul with great endurance

Your longing heart must know

Where your rest can be found

Your sensitive soul shall feeleth

The tidings of My great love

And your heart shall welcome it heartily

And so My beloved, if thy own house

Doesn't feel like home

I tell you, in this world I so loved

I was rejected and wretched and alone

For I tell you the truth,

This is not My home, and neither yours.

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