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This Little Light Of Mine, I'm ' Gonna ' Let It Shine

I am a writer of poetry and fiction. I especially love flash fiction. My name is Ruby, and I live in Southern Illinois. I am a retired R.N.

The light is shinning brightly

The light is shinning brightly

Let It Shine- Let It Shine-Let It Shine

This little light of mine, I'm ' gonna ' let it shine, let it shine, let it shine

Everyone has a light, sometimes that little light might cease to shine

Times when our little light seems to grow dim

We ' gotta ' perk up , forget our worries and let it glow again

Sometimes the road is muddy and rough

We ' gotta ' take the high road where there ' ain't ' no mud and merrily strut our stuff

The weather seems to undo all my big plans

I guess one could say " It's out of my hand's "

It's raining cats and dogs in my part of town

And that's causing my face to sulk up and frown

So I'm 'gonna ' take a nap and dream about the movie, Gone With The Wind

There's nothing like snuggling up with Rhett, after all he's my childhood boyfriend.

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