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This Life I Call Home

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There Is No Substitute

I wake up and think

Make the most of my day

No matter what happened seconds ago

Now I am on a new thought and a new direction

People around me are always a surprise

When I think people will be happy

They are not

I have many things that trigger my senses

To start me on my way

Books spark my love for life

My words on paper

Show where I am and where I am heading

Then I can add or take something away

A lot like cooking

We have to keep experimenting to get it right

In the end

It takes time and patience

When things don't go as planned

Which is most of the time

All I have to do is change my plan

Back to the drawing board

Keep it real and magnificient

Amazing life

Feel the power

Let the excitement rise inside of you

Don't stop until your lower lip starts to tremor

Then you are on your way

To a feeling that is so pleasing

You can't get enough

So satisfying

You can't wait to share it with the world

Here we go

Not even gravity can hold us down

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