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This Isn't A Love Poem, But It Is A Poem About Love!

Emee.chan doesn't get this modern love. Shouldn't it be a private thing, that is the question.

Showing our love online by leaving a like.

Showing our love online by leaving a like.

Modern way of showing affection.

Modern way of showing affection.

Love On Click

We change our status and
Post pictures online,
Showing everyone that, yet again,
We found "the one"

Which "the one" is this one?
The fifth, the tenth so far?
It doesn't matter, they're
Our whole world right now.

Hearts, kisses, emojis, videos.
My eyes are starting to hurt.
And occasionally, I have
The urge to hurl.

Love is in the air,
Or better yet on our 'grams or 'books.
Likes are overflowing,
Their number growing.

It's all perfect, it's all fantastic.
Together forever, their other half.
The sun, the moon, the sky,
Are they astronauts or in love?

And don't get me started on
The whole #relationahipgoals thing.
If you don't imitate them,
Your relationship is doomed.

It's all big smiles and so, so sweet
We might as well get cavity.
Fun and games last for a few months,
Their love blooms until it stops.

All those I love you's, kisses,
Hearts, goals, worlds and so on
Go from together forever to
Deleting each other.

The pictures of the "happy couple"
Simply vanish from our feed.
Guess that "the one" isn't
The one after all.

Oh well life goes on,
It soothes and stings,
But that shouldn't prevent us
From repeating the whole thing.

This modern love seems
As real as unicorns,
As strong as a violin string,
I'd rather believe in aliens existing.

Love isn't a mere heart or a kiss
On a picture you post on social media.
It's so much more than that
And it should be expressed in PRIVATE.


A Piece Of Advice

Keep it private, it'll last longer. As you should do with everything that is important to you. Not everyone is going to share your feeling of happiness.

© 2021 Emilija Veljković

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