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This Is a Sign: A Message From Heavenly Father

Sariah is an active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, with a firm testimony of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.

I love you, I do, your special to me,

Yours afflictions and trials, give them to me.

For you I’ve died, I’ve suffered, I’ve cried--

No matter what, you will not be denied

I’m aware of the pains that do easily beset you.

Push you, scare you, frighten and upset you.

These things are real, then again so am I.

Do you think I would leave you? I love you my child.

I will always take care of you,

You shan’t be forsaken.

Child, you are mine,

I won’t let you be taken.

Cry unto me and silence your fears,

For I will protect you and dry your tears.

Bask in the glory of my reassurance,

Child, your mine, I love you, Be sure of it.

It’s time to be quiet and come unto me.

Let your weary heart find rest in me

I stand beside you, I hold your hand,

One day, of my love you’ll truly understand

Safe at last, of course you will be

But you must promise to love and trust me.

Look to the Savior, his glorious love,

For it pours upon you, it really does

The world will be wicked, afflicted and wild,

But don’t you forget, I love you, my child

Forget the hate, the pain, lies, they’re not true,

I love you my child, I love you, I do

© 2021 Sariah Johnson

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