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This Inexplicable Life

A thought is a sparkle to the soul, stimulating the subconscious. I'm an experienced poet that writes on life changing issues and topics.


I see doubts flying all around me

In rotations and revolutions like that of the earth around the sun

Dancing to the beat of particles in a wave motion

Projecting man into the deepest tunnel

How would you see light at the end of this bottomless pit?

The prickly walls torn my flesh of subtle assumptions

What mirage have I plunged my being into?

I need to understand this inexplicable life


Who would journey with me into infinity?

Sail through the oceans of philosophies and conceptions

Captain Enigma of life, master of unfolding mysteries, is in charge

Willing to take us on a wonderful experience of self discovery

It takes the shortest explanation to get this longest voyage going

Actualizing articulate theories of the practical world to his passengers

How the innermost springs to the outermost in series

Perhaps, the answer to this inexplicable life is in the content of it.


Dammybright (author) from Nigeria on May 05, 2018:

Yeah thanks for your contribution Mark Tulin. There are different philosophies to this life, and I believe that finding meaning to life depends on self and the way you see the contents of life influencing you either positively or negatively. What do you think about it sir?

Mark Tulin from Palm Springs, California on May 04, 2018:

There are so many explanations of life, very few of us say it is inexplicable. Nice poem, complicated topic.

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