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This House Is Haunted: A Poem


This House Is Haunted: A Poem

This house is haunted,
Haunted by the memory of a
Sensual, desperate touch.

Haunted by a
Stolen innocence, an
Innocence that never was.

In darkness, they dwell,
Consumed by madness,
And relentless need.

Long dead spirits,
Still searching for rest,
Death, so unkind, never took them.

This house is haunted,
Haunted by cruel games,
Endless, and, unwinnable.

Words that turn to
Silent screams, hang in
The frigid air, unheard.

Youth, its blush
Long faded,
Was it ever there?

Nothing had a chance to
Grow, in this house with
Walls of spongy mold.

Its shadows stumble, like
Birds blinded by an
Unforgiving sun.

This house is haunted.


John Hansen from Gondwana Land on August 01, 2021:

Wow! This is quite a poem and that house is haunted in more ways then one. I am sure many houses would be haunted, if only the walls could speak.

Johanna Elattar (author) from NY on August 01, 2021:

Thank you so much, Ishika!

ISHIKA MEHERE from NAGPUR on July 31, 2021:

Hush! It just captured my heart.

Hope you have a nice day ahead Johanna.

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