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This Happened to the Easter Bunny

I have been writing poetry, fiction and short stories for many years and have completed a book of poems. I also enjoy comedy writing.

Easter Bunny Blues

Easter Bunny Blues

Easter for us was no fun

We had no money and all we had was a dried old bun

There were no Easter eggs for us to find

Everyone treated the Poors so unkind

Yes, that was our name, Poor.

I am Josh Poor, married to Mazy Poor.

Who bored me a son called Tim Poor.

My little boy loved Easter, all the kids at school did

But they were well off, they ate breakfast which not we did

One day at his school they planted Easter eggs and released a bunny

The kids were supposed to catch it and make Easter funny

But I needed meat for my beans and I had no cash

So I hid in the bushes at his school and waited for the dash

The kids found the eggs and then they let the bunny loose.

It hopped and skipped from the kids with spruce

But I waited and watched as the bunny eluded them

Then it made the mistake I waited for as I clenched a stem

It hopped away and into the bushes it went

I snatched it up in a bag and escaped through a hole in the fence

I ran home swiftly

For I had caught a Easter bunny

My boy came home tired and was quite hungry

But I had something delicious prepared for his little tummy

I made rice and a meat of curry

Pretty soon it was devoured in a hurry

We ate and we laughed and enjoyed each other’s company

I can testify that it was a one delicious Easter bunny.

© 2020 Clive Williams