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This Grave’s Last Flowers

A Continual Saga of a "Younger-than-Now" Poet from the Highly-Esteemed State of Texas proclaiming more Poetic-able Prose using just pure wit

A dead bunch of roses lies outside a family tomb. (16 July 2010, 14:34)

A dead bunch of roses lies outside a family tomb. (16 July 2010, 14:34)

Who will come to see…

What is left…No Memory.

Gone was the last One that knew,

Of All there was…And All About You.

Now only a headstone marker here,

Friends and Family…have shed their last tear,

No One left anymore to bring out a fresh new flower,

No one left…as the old flowers grow older by the hour.

Time moved on and literally left you lying here,

What can you do about it…You’re no place near.

Far from the Planet and Body that were both necessary,

To Live your Days…Well...Even if they were temporary.

When Grave’s Last Flowers Fade Away…

When the Last Person Who Left Them…has had their Last Day.

Will it Matter or make one brief note in Histo-ry,

When No One is left to pass on a small piece of your Lega-cy?

Each Month, Your loved one placed fresh flowers for you in the ground,

And now that loved one is no longer around.

And of Love….is it long gone forever…as well?

I say “NO” …for there is another story left to tell.

A Cemetery is a dreary place to make a metaphor for life,

The real story is where you spend Eternity-Husband and Wife.

© 2019 ManlyPoetryMan