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This Game That We Call Life - a Poem

John has been writing poetry since his school days. He was awarded the "Best Poet 2014 and 2021" Hubby Awards.


This Game That We Call Life

Life doesn't always go to plan,

It's full of sweet surprise.

Be the best person you can,

Don't fall for tricks and lies.

Always help your fellow man

At every chance you get,

And also be a friend who cares.

Your future isn't set.

When things go wrong, as they oft' will

Be strong and take a stand.

Don't give in or be depressed,

Just show a stronger hand.

You are an elite player

In this game that we call "Life",

So always do the best you can

And you'll never face the knife.

Learn from every curve ball thrown

And hit a long home run.

Be confident that you'll succeed,

New challenges are fun.

Half empty glasses don't exist,

They're up to you to fill.

It's an easy task to pour the wine,

Just give the cork a pull.


Look towards the shining light

At the tunnel's other side,

Then rush it like a speeding train,

With your eyes open wide.

Embrace each day with vigour,

Put stresses to the side.

Don't hide away at home alone,

But face the world with pride.

A Very Inspirational Song - please listen

© 2018 John Hansen