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This Elixir is My Escape

The writer attempts to pen down some of his deep thought issues while seeking an escape route.

A hermit I am
but my mind's always wandering
Into forbidden lands
aimlessly pondering
Transending the skies
of truths and lies
Endless like the universe
with eyes shut
Momentarily nhilate
then back
As pupils dialate
and clear the dust of these thoughts
Some engraved
others put to rest
Tear if I must
but not enough
The nails hammered deep
and they bond like rust

Maybe not a choice,
I consciously make
They are always there,
these voices I hate
This recluse,
isn't really my muse
Hence to ocassionaly diffuse
those blues like bubbles
Caressing on the golden hues
of this elixir
I must consume

And as it flows down
anxieties drown
The world looks new
a fish eye view
Sing and sway
the pain goes away
Time flies
it's all a bliss
Reality a miss
I'll be back
Then do it all over again
it keeps me sane
For this is the only route
I know how to escape


© 2020 Ashutosh Joshi

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