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This Crazy Love

I'm a writer, a poet, a dreamer. Born and raised in New York City. I now live in Daytona Beach, Florida. .


This crazy love of ours,

like a carousel out of control,

faster than a roller coaster.

You come and build me up,

put me on a pedestal,

then just as quickly,

you are gone

and I’m left waiting, waiting -

is it worth my time?

This crazy love of ours,

it comes and it goes -

spinning like a top.

You started it going,

you took my breath away,

now I wonder,

if one fine day,

I’ll be left alone

and aching.

This crazy love of ours -

Where did it start?

I think it was the day,

you came and took my heart.

Now my days cannot begin,

without a smile from you

and the days that start,

when you’re not here,

are the days,

that have no beginning

and no end.

This crazy love of ours,

has me waiting for the love letters,

that you promise to send –

when you go far away.

Day come and days go,

calendar pages turn,

you are nowhere to be found –

my world continues to go round and round.

This crazy love of ours,

has my heart beating double time,

my head spinning,

making me fly above the clouds,

come kiss me and set my feet on the ground.

Tell me that you love me

and make my happiness -

know no bounds

© 2018 Gypsy Rose Lee