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This Bond Unbreakable

Miranda is a lover and writer of science fiction, short stories, and poetry.


The Unbreakable Bond

The world was never ready for us

Never ready for our births, our love

Our bond

Our babies

The wind caught us flying free

Jealous minds set out to plead against us

Plead us to hate, mistreat, and mistrust each other

The world wasn't ready for our bond

They tore us down and killed us

Before they did, they mislead us

Tricked us, conspired against us, and misguided us

They turned us against one another

Convincing us both that other lives were better with strife

That we were better living apart

They never wanted us to kiss

to touch, to love one another

They never wanted us to know what we had in common

Our brown and dark skin provoked a devious

Devious cutting, undermining blow

A blow that dug deep into our minds

Into our hearts

Man, woman, kissing, brown dark skin

Anguish, jealousy, self hating, bigotry

Separating us, putting distance between us

Telling us we can't love each other, but someone else

Different, it's better they say,

Love some one else, but not each other

No not you brownies

Love somebody else

They can't look like you

The world wasn't ready for our unbreakable bond

Yes our bond will become unbreakable

Yes say it again

They weren't ready for us

But we were never ready for ourselves either

The Unbreakable bond

© 2020 Miranda Blanks

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