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Thinking is Just


Why are we intimidated by the word judgment?

Defenses will rise up rapidly when we hear the word itself,

Why do we fear judgment? when perfect love casts out all fear. (1 Cor. 11:31),

Deep counsels, that if we would judge ourselves, we wouldn't be judged;

How do we judge ourselves?

By the Words of Scripture in its entirety, which is the law to us,

When we fall short of this counsel, what is the option? "Repent"

What is the hindrance of self-judgment?

We may see some things that we do not like about ourselves,

Do we have access to grace and mercy, then why do we fear judgment?

It depends on who or what is judging us,

The Word of God is the judge whether we realize it or not;

The Holy Spirit is here to reprove the world of sin, judgment, and righteousness,

We must come to ascertain how imperative the laws of God really are;

to produce our value system based on how does God feel,

about things that we value equal or before Him;

Only the first Commandment spells it out for us.

"Thou shalt have no other gods before me"

Judgment exposes desires, intents, and motives of our hearts,

then we need to be purged and pruned of the dross;

thereof burning up dead works,

We need a balanced diet or regimen of grace and judgment,

or we will be and live unbalanced;

We live in and through grace,

Grace doesn't produce the reprobate,

which has no use for judgment,

nor does it produce not judging our actions and self;

Grace is soooooo good, and sweet,

that we will not want the judgment we need;

it is likened to living on desserts from the time you wake up,

until the time you sleep,

all that you partake of the whole time are cakes, pies, cookies, etc.;

but nothing substantial or needful for good holistic health,

Of course, you can see, that is no way to live from a physical standpoint;

What about overdosing on grace at judgments expense?

Take inventory, from the time you wake up,

you must use judgment for every task you embark upon,

the grace to accomplish it is there as well,

We can't throw judgment away on any level;

we are stuck with it no matter what scenario plays out.

Bring forth therefore fruits meet for repentance: ”Matthew 3:8

I must bring or take the fruits of judgment and grace to repentance,

for the balance and freedom I truly seek and need.

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