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Thinking Turned Into Doing

More Action More Progress

It is one thing to think of something we want to do

Then it is another thing to create the movement to get it done

In our minds, we create the thought

Then we have to go far beyond this idea

Sometimes it is scary

No different than a Halloween night

Where we don't know what to expect

Each time we turn around we find the unknown

Then it also can be very pleasant

Seeing are steps on something we just dreamed up

Minutes ago come into existence

Fulfilling a promise to ourselves

Rewarding and satisfying

Then we least expect it


It was like a hammer was suddenly dropped

Our plans get a hole in them

Like a kite once flying high

Now torn and ripped

Starting to shake and lose altitude

Within seconds it could crash right to the ground

Destroying what we have worked so hard for

Breaking our hopes and dreams

Crushing our spirits

It is a race against ourselves

To fix the problem

Make any corrections needed

The quicker we get flying again

The better off we will be

The longer we wait

The harder it is to return

Self-doubt takes over

It is easy to listen to other people's negativity

It crawls under our skin

Like a rash that spreads over our body

Red blotches we never saw the likes before

Instantly changing every thought going forward

We can stop there

Nobody would blame us

The best idea is to take time and rethink

Ask yourself a series of questions?

Pretend you are being asked by a lawyer in a court of law

So you are under oath

To answer each question honestly and to the best of your ability

What is it we want?

How do we accomplish that goal?

What did we do wrong?

How do we fix it and move past our minor setback?

Can we accept the truth?

The problems we face are not really the catastrophe that we first thought

We might of over-exaggerated and got overwhelmed when it happened

We were caught off guard

There is no reason to let this or any problem stand in our way

It might take time

We might need to study and find out some new knowledge

Ask for help

Try different ideas

Each idea you try

Don't forget to write it down

So if this idea also fails

We have proof of a new approach

A different way

Each time we try

We keep a book of all our efforts

It is easy to forget this important step

We have to strive for positivity

We think we can have it all in our brain

This time writing feels like it slows us down

Actually it speeds up progress and keeps a careful

An accurate account of our plans and how they unfold

What we think happened and what happens as it happens

Are two different things

There could be other issues that we did not see

Other failures that lead to one big mess

Don't get frustrated and aggravated

Get excited that we have gone this far

Give yourself a real treat

Maybe stop and celebrate

I do it with food

A piece of something I love

It might be an apple or opening up a can of fruit cocktail

I try to get something healthy

There are times I will reach for something sweet

Then I do love a nice head scratch or shoulder rub

I went one step farther

I have my own massage chair

Where I can let my troubles melt away

At least for the moment

It is easy to get sidetracked and not come back

I close my eyes and let my mind go blank

It is not long before

Ideas start popping in my head again

Like ant holes in the ground

You see one then before you know it

There are ten and three more the next day

Here is one way that worked for me

So continue on and see how far it will take you

You can accomplish so much

There are no limits

No matter how far you go

Remember where you came from

If you are like me

Dreams make me happy

They solve problems and also create new ones

It is not an easy road to follow

Well worth it if we can finish what we started

Good luck and let me know of your progress

If you want I can tell you of my highs and lows

I am more like a yo-yo

I keep at it

Stopping every so often to rest

Then back at it

Here is an idea for you

Wouldn't it be nice

If we had an automatic yo-yo

Just press it and it would go

Life doesn't always work the way we expected

For me it hardly ever does

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