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Thinking Is an Art: A Poem

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In politics stupidity is not a handicap.

-- Napoleon Bonaparte

It's like with any other kind of art

thinking shows an amateur or a pro

in one extreme stupid, in another smart

while having nothing with what one may know.

It is just a talent to be logical with ease

and not many are naturally endowed

to grasp reality to some is a breeze

and others should not be allowed.

Daily news are showing those at work

messing up anything their brains touch

whether a moron or some first class jerk

their reasoning unable to contribute much.

Many public figures should go for a test

to measure their ability to make a sense

leaving decisions to those who do it best

without that shallow posing and pretense.

It's possible to act as someone who knows

pulling leg of all those of the same brand

a well planted stupidity quickly grows

with no requirement to understand.

Much of our reality is but the result

of brainless decision-making clown

even smart ones not worth their salt

playing along the only game in town.

Art critics don't validate anything that's cheap

but requirements to lead is not to be smart

anyone will do, even an arrogant creep

as voters forget that thinking is an art.

© 2023 Val Karas