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Updated on April 16, 2018

Trust, honesty, poems, faith, wind, love, hailstorm, mountains, lively advetures

Bring me around like a walkman,

archaic in the design, but classy

you know you miss my familiar music from me lightly tapping the CDs as they would play.

Unless you prefer the taste of my four eyed friend, the cassette tape,

back when I could keep your favorite songs even if you couldn't afford a fancy new mirror

actually, CD, but whatever kids say now a days.

Pardon me, I didn't mean to play that lyric twice over or skip that line due to the broken nature of my friend

My road in life/Recovery

Vision finally straight,

just a little problem with gait.

I've moved so far,

It's surprising that I didn't use a car.

Wearing cooling scarves to battle heat,

I will not accept defeat.

Just as a bunny constantly hops,

There isn't room for me to drop.

Yeah, I may have watched from the mud,

but with out an audible thud,

I'm thriving to change clothes.

no longer carrying that load.

A long and ruthless odyssey,

now thankfully geared with trust and honesty

Relationship with life

I used to sow rotten seeds,

A new goal to repair all broken shards that make my soul bleed.

Describing my highlight reel may be full of darkness,

But the tides filled with seaweed will lift me up with a blessed harness.

With balloon in hand,

I will fly to locations that will make me strong to stand

Ode to the Wind

I can feel the affection breeze after breeze from a familiar gentle gust,

With my feet rooted on the grown, I can breathe the blast targeting my nose with its quick lust.

By cooling down a hot soul,

A mindful breeze has achieved its goal.

Best friends as close as dirt and grass

Tango with a breeze like an intricate mass.

Throwing off a serve in tennis,

Our friend can definitely be a menace.

Wake me up with theories and stories like "the sky is falling!!"

Shooting stars are targets for one with a curious calling.

Still affecting abysses as deep as an ocean,

A winds strength travels with a calm and collected emotion.

Tick tock time flawlessly flies when guiding flocks of birds,

At the right time, it's sure to be a cardinal to families and herds.

Batter me like a hail storm

With accelerandos and ritardanos to match the melody of an angry sky,

I can't go out, I just want to shot at the clods "goodbye!"

As long as I'm not getting insulted,

the minor abuse is just a temporary pain that can be consulted.

Just letting the minutes of a cacophony tick by,

"Oh, hi" it innocently whispers, "I swear I'm a real nice guy"

With a mask saying that its rain too, the hail wants to charm a soul with a painful myth

The welts and sores may only be temporary,

But anticipation for another storm may result in a bruised berry

A hiding spot where the atmosphere thins out

Lace up those climbing shoes,

This one's an adventure that's making my excitement ooze.

Although not may helicopters can make it that high in case of emergency,

I soak in the feeling of snow but want heat, it's an urgecy!

But I pray for no slips today,

I pray that my luck to live will be at bay.

Hopefully, this adventure does not end with any fatal flesh wounds or as many small bruises and cuts.


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