Think. Feel. Snap Shot.

Updated on May 17, 2018
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Poetry, writing,and music are at the heart of Charmaine's loves. Not to forget swimming in the ocean,walking and wildlife.

Think. Feel. SnapShot.
Think. Feel. SnapShot. | Source

Think. Feel. Snap Shot

Bold and confident

Smiling and relaxed

Two children of height

Mother vertically challenged

Husband human tall

Owning a house in the expensive suburb

The white picket fence

and all

How can that be?

Languid Artemis
Languid Artemis | Source

Languid and willowy

A model for the catwalk

once upon a time

The father of her son

inhabits public housing

She proudly parades their distinction

My ex-husband has investment properties

They lie within the public housing estate

that has merged with the

lands of private

This lean Artemis figure

is a DIY lover

of house repairs and clothes

By choice or circumstance?



Her best friend has the bottle

as her best friend

who is often seen

walking the pavement murmuring

and looking lost

The statuesque Artemis

you cannot trust

Survival has been playing power games

She must be one up

Enhancing her beauty to every male

or lending her strength to the fragile of hearts

Venus | Source

She buys love

and she nurtures love

by offering car lifts home

This female is a colourful

buxom lassie

fully embodying the voluptuousness

of our Venus Goddess

Warm and gregarious

you cannot help but like her


The stubborn and the predictable

holds onto her military man

by yearning to have a second child

Her second child

but his first child to her

The crisis is she cannot

fall pregnant

no matter how many times they try

Time is no longer her friend

She cannot fall pregnant

Back and forth she goes

to the compounding pharmacist

and dietician

to begin her road back to health

and ready to conceive once more

Every morning noon and night

she wears black shades

Words are spoken in hushed monotones

Ears are strained to hear the message

A good mother she is

to her first born

Over protective

and on the phone

at every break to her daughter

to connect and to check

A grandmother now

but trekking and running anytime she can

while servicing unhappy Customers at her work desk

Her live-in partner has a weak heart

Yet to her, he is solid and firm

She needs freedom

Alone and with her hiking friends

She has her weekend camping trips

to the mountains

walking through unmapped

valleys and mountains

Her son is a Tradie and his new wife American

who works in radio

A weekend Bollywood Dancer
A weekend Bollywood Dancer | Source

A high school girl she is

Now thirteen years of age

Waits with us on our bus route

to work

She is precious

and is intelligent

She cries sadness everyday

behind the smile

because no one at school likes her

This mercurial girl

has a quick intelligence

and likes to study and do well

Her dark eyes shine an internal light

that shimmers with openness and naivety

together with promising gentle mischief

This young teen is a vegetarian

and a Bollywood dancer

on weekends

Then one morning

She disappears

The word is that

her parents transferred

her to another school

She was unhappy


Waiting time

Opening time

A gaggle of females

wait for the work doors

to open

They speak and laugh

behind their mitten covered hands

One strangely keeps taking long lensed photos

of those across the street

What the is going on?

These girls stand on their feet all day long

Packing shelves with vitamins

and beauty products

promising to bring the body

back to life

Sales sales sales

The Elvis train
The Elvis train | Source

Rock and roll dancin’

was the high

The next social event

was the three-day Elvis train trip

Her husband left her with the home

falling all down around her

She is all about

where to next?

Where to next

for her older years of sojourn?

Her son

has a deep timbered voice

ready to unite

with a country radio station

near yet far

This mother is on the search

for the man

available or not

for her takin’

Smooth as a cucumber

is she

Diplomacy is her key

Frizzy brunette locks

spring back from her face

Body looks pressured and tense

Hair tendrils soaked

on the back of her neck

A frowned face

rarely seen

but the lure of gossip

is great

Amazonian daughters

she creates

Never seen anything

like it

Arms and legs popping

heads bursting through the roof

of the Festiva family car

for these six feet six females


Verbal dexterity

Sales made from the smiles

Laughter is chosen speak

Shrewdness gained

spurned from the difficulties

muffled or hidden

Money hard worn and won

Support is scarce or not there

Longevity is short term

Good fronts they adorn

Civil society they seek


The last moment I remember

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© 2018 Threekeys


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    • threekeys profile imageAUTHOR


      2 months ago from Australia

      It was a chain of people connections in the snapshot of one morning.

      Thank you Ann for coming over to share your thoughts

    • annart profile image

      Ann Carr 

      2 months ago from SW England

      An interesting story linked by all the snapshots. Our memories do jump around, don't they?

      Love the images you create.



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