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'Next Time', 'Chances', 'Opportunities' and Some Lessons in Life.

Scratching the itch of curiosity to find reasons beyond the things I start to question and wonder more, and learn from realizations.

Tales of Promised Next Times and Pondering on Chances in Life.

Tales of the Promised Next Time.

‘Next Time.’

Music in your ears.

Something to excite you.

Something to look forward.

‘Next Time.’

A promise.

It’ll be good.

It’ll be better.

It must happen.

‘Next Time.’

A chance.

Better Improve.

Never waste the opportunity.

‘cause it may be your last.

‘Next Time.’

Not all second time around,

can be sweet.

It could be worse than the first.

Leaving bitter memories.

‘Next Time.’

It could happen.

Most likely, it won’t.

Especially if it comes with:

“Let’s do it again.”

‘Next Time.’

If you had fun,

Thinking it is one of the happiest moment

in your life,

The ‘next time’ will probably be a little laid back.

‘Next Time.’

Relying on ‘next time’,

is like expecting a call back

From job interviews.

Usually, that means they won’t hire you.

Pondering on Chances in Life.


They are endless and limitless.

Take it or leave it.

Use it or disregard it.

It can all be up to you.


They are everywhere.

Chances are opportunities.

Obstacles are opportunities.

What can be a threat or a hindrance,

Can be an opportunity.

When put in a stressful situation,

there’s always a chance to reverse it.

Use your weaknesses to find your strengths.

What may seem impossible, can be made possible.

Will you take the risk

because there might be no more ‘next time’?

Will you say ‘yes’ to an experience offered to you,

just cause it might be the first and last to try?

Will you be brave enough and face your fears,

if it will be your last?

What will you do with your very last chance given before you die?

Speaking of chances and next times.

We tend to waste our days,

then would always leave it up to ‘next time’.

It’s our call to wake up, be grateful, be productive.

A chance to improve our lives and make it better.

To spend it well and wise enough.

Or basically waste it and pray there comes another day.

To make up for our mistakes and shortcomings.

What if there’ll be no next time that will ever come?

Do we even still have the chance to be better?

The uncertainties that tomorrows have in stored for us,

Isn’t it scary?

Chances can be given a ton of times.

But if we keep wasting it,

What’s the point of giving one in the first place?

Forgiveness doesn’t give you right

to repeat what you have done wrong.

Just because you said sorry, and forgiven,

Does not mean everything is already resolved.

Why say sorry when you have intentions of doing it again?

Chances are given not to be abused or to cause harm.

Use it wisely.


With every chance and opportunity you can get,

Always try to spread happiness, humanity, and love.

People needs it more than ever.

Clock is ticking fast.

We never know what may happen to us in the next seconds.

Make the best out of it. No regrets.

Make sure you are always at the happiest.

until then.

see you when the universe permits.

take care always.


© 2022 Gianella Labrador