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Things That End- A Poem

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Christine has been writing poetry since learning how to pick up a pen

Sunset in the Pacific

Sunset in the Pacific

Things That End

Everything ends

we just have to accept it

we don't have to like it

I know I don't

You can panic

you can freak out

but that isn't going to help


So dream of a better world

make it happen

if you can

can we?

It was a nice good run

while it lasted

I guess

at least I enjoyed it

I will miss the carefree days

of my youth

when I thought

things were good

I struggle with change

I fight it

but I'm not fighting anymore

because there is no point

Go with the flow


or die

ain't much other choice

The panic is over

I realize

that things go round

and there will be a beginning

After the End

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