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Things Happen That We Have No Control Over

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Once Again I Am Blessed

My wife heard some unusual gurgling in our drain

When we flushed the toilet

I thought it was odd but didn't really pay attention

It happened again

My wife smelled an odd smell

She asked me to check downstairs

I went downstairs and to my surprise

I found a pin hole leak in our drain pipe

There was some water on the cellar floor

We have a lot of things in plastic containers

So now it is a question

Of cleaning up any mess

There is still too much stuff

So I have to move containers to one side to another

I used a wet vac to pick up some water

Cat sand to absorb the water I could not get

I plan on using Pine sol to clean after

It is one thing I didn't plan on doing

I used some plumbers putty hope that will seal the leak

Owning a house can have unexpected problems

It also has its wonderful share of wonders

There is nothing like coming home to a place you love

I am busy trying to organize a little better

Not easy when you love so many things

Busy thinking of better ways to have the best of both worlds

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