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Things Don't Change

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When We Don't Change

It might sound obvious

Under the surface

We may be broken

It may not be easy to see or accept

Change can happen but what happens when it doesn't last

We go back to our old ways

Seeking what's comfortable and common

Even though it is wrong

We do it anyway

Good intentions is not enough

We have to be aware

I believe it helps if we keep records of our own progress

Then again it is hard to see and face the facts

When we repeat our old ways

Fallback to what is so familiar

Only to sabotage ourselves in the process

I have many examples

I have talked about working on a garden project for years

One thing leads to another

Those thoughts surface all the time

I haven't taken the necessary time to see it materialize

Something always comes up

For me it is an outdoor project

For someone else it might be a cooking class or exercise

My list grows by the second

I feel the pain

I can't seem to get over the hump

I fall into a slump

It is like a bump in the road

You know it's here

But you hit it all the time

I have gathered old pots for years

I tried planting tomato plants in all them before

The roots got to big and it simply didn't work

I could of tried other flowering plants

That one set back keeps repeating in my head over and over

Like a broken record

What I didn't need is 40 tomato plants

What was I thinking?

Even thought I still went along with the idea

What would I do with all those tomatoes?

I would give most of them away

What was I trying to prove?

In the end the tomato plants roots got to big

The started to grow good

Then they didn't produce

I had plans of creating a bottomless pot

A pot that the bottom could come off

Now the roots could grow as big as they wanted

I tried a few different methods

None looked good or worked

So I scrapped that idea too

Every once and awhile it will resurface

Talk to me like an old friend

Say things like try me again

This time will be different

What I want now is different

I want to grow wild flowers instead

This time for a different reason

I have another idea

This one I want to keep it under wraps

Just in case this is my big break

The opportunity I have waiting and looking for all my life

I will let you know of my progress

Then little by little

I will leak out my thougths

I will paint you a picture

So you can connect the dots

So I am up early to start another venture

My time and my energy are needed

It is a bright sunny day outside

One that will only encourage me as I go to work once again

To make another idea expand like yeast

I hope it doesn't fizzle like baking soda

I will stay positive and record my steps as I go

I have heard many times

Even problems could lead into a greater success

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