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What I Have Found

Pleases me so

It is a thought that has no where to go

People think of so many thoughts each day

I want to gather up all those forgotten thoughts and play

Those ideas that went south for the winter

The ideas that sprang out of nothing

That one day could change the world

Unfortunately they are soon neglected

Like a lost puppy just looking for the right home

You see it and wonder

Can I help it

Does it have fleas?

I want to pull over

What am I getting into

Will I soon get attached to an animal

That the owner will want back soon

What if it was my dog?

I would want someone to try to save him or her

To keep him safe out of harms way

Well this is what I do with ideas

Those thoughts that go astray

Lost for the moment

Lost for life

Come here

I don't bite

I will take you in

Give you a place to stay

Help you get on your feet

Then watch you drift away

You are my sunshine

You light up my blank screen

There is so much more to life than meets the eyes

It starts with a simple idea

That expands like an expandable wallet

It starts with no money

If we look long and hard enough

We all know there is room for plenty

So give me your old scrap, worn out, beaten and heart broken thoughts

I will give them a blood transfusion

Bring them back from a very sad place

Give them a good meal for starters

A nice hot shower and a good smelling soap

A shampoo and conditioner to die for

Feeling and looking better is just the start

I will pick you up and hold you close

Give you a well needed hug

Listen to your stories

Reach out to that broken heart

Show you there is a spot in life for you

Right in the front row

So you can see the action

Feel the excitement

Come alive again

Don't wait no longer

Let those old spirits soar

Hold back nothing

For every thought can be transformed

Made into it's own super hero

To wipe out all those bad villians

In life there are thoughts and ideas floating all around us

At this very moment

All we have to do is reach out

Touch one

You won't be sorry

I have to warn you

Your life will be changed forever

So next time your feeling down and out

Think of all those ideas that started the same way

All they need is a lift

In this day and age

Where there were just cabs and limos

Now there is Uber at every corner

It all started with a problem and someone was willing to find a solution

Don't give up hope

Don't let those old forgotten ideas fade away

Like those summer cushions that have been beaten by the sun

Give them a make over

A do over

A chance to shine in the spotlight

All it takes is a little time

Lots of effort

Motivation and desire

Then you are on your way

My ride is here

I have to go

Hope to see you soon

You never know

Maybe we can work on an idea together

Then we can see an idea get off the ground

Flying high above the rest

Don't mind what other people think

Let those old fears get off our chest

Everyone and every thing needs a start

That is only the beginning

Where it goes from here

Is up to you

It starts with one good break

Then can develop into something extraordinary

Because of you

How does that make you feel ?

Hold onto that feeling for life

Then you can rise in the morning and set in the evening

There is no place like home

A home for little wanders

A home for those orphans that need somebody

Will you be that somebody?

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