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They Say That One Day Your Only Wish Will Come

They say that one day your only wish will come

And here you are you and I met

In the dynamic crowd throughout the universe

Did not expect to be found yet

The only true love I ask for

From far you have left your homeland

And brought true and pure love for me

And for us to be together

Now you are here still seems unbelievable

The twinkle of your eyes I can see from far

Smiles that are so beautiful now I can see

Your loud laughter from now on will be heard

Your tight embrace will be felt as well

Proof that I am really with you now my love

Despite our many differences and cultures

It has not been an obstacle for our true and sincere love affair

The longer we have been together

The more we get to know each other

We toured my beautiful hometown and you liked it

You lived here just to be with me

We lived on a paradisaical island which is very beautiful

Your favorite place to go is the beautiful sea

With very clear Crystal clear water and clear blue sky

Beautiful image of the sandbar here you are tirelessly strolling

And in later times is an angel came to us

Giving more color and joy in our lives

Every morning when we wake up

There is a beautiful creature and gentle face

In each of our hearts really gives love

That only caressing our hands and loving care is all he needs

With you my love I have nothing more to ask for