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They Both Had an Epiphany

She is a writer who wants to influence the readers through her soulful writing


There were two hearts which had been broken,
One was tired of being always left alone,
The other was traumatized by a breathtaking situation,
Yet fate brought them together,
Will this be the end of their agony?

They both had felt the cruelness of this world,
They've been through a lot of dark nights and heartaches,
They're crying theirselves to sleep when no one knows,
And they had been annihilated by other people's judgments.

Somehow, their roads had crossed for a certain reason,
Maybe because they have to encourage each other to keep holding on,
They have a lot of similarities which only them can truly understand,
For this world knows nothing except criticizing them both.

They found new love in each other's arms,
They found new beginning, new life's meaning and new hope to continuously fighting,
They both had an epiphany,
That they could feel ebulliently inlove again, to the person who finally see their worth despite of their dark pasts.