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They-The Unsung Heroes

Hello. I am a literature student who just keep falling in love harder and deeper into poems. Appreciating art is my full time job!

Not All Heroes Wear Capes

by Jenna Mae Clores

by Jenna Mae Clores


Recently, a huge wave fall upon us. Covid came uninvited and we were not prepared. The world quickly becomes a battlefield and heroes were summoned. Doctors, nurses, policemen, soldiers and etc. But there were also other groups of people who contributed and played their role. They are known as the unsung heroes. Who are they? Why do they deserve the title hero? This is a a poem dedicated to them.

The unsung heroes.

The Unsung Heroes

They work around the clock,

From sunrise till sunset,

they never dock.

Lockdown hits, but they did not fall.

Inventing pathways,

Sparking opportunities-

They made sure the passion of learning

is alive in each of us.

They never ask for an applause,

They never ask for a candle to be lit,

but they never fail to bring light when the room is dark.

They are the unsung heroes,

and they

are my teachers.

© 2021 Shayeeda Shady

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