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They Say That...

They say, “Life goes on”
But what if I don’t want to go?
I’m not living in the past
I want to visit the memories I know

I’ll carry the weight of yesterday
You can go on
Tomorrow told you so

They say, “Truth is perception”
But what if I was there?
Will you believe what I say
Would you even care?

I’ll carry the weight of truth
You can disbelieve
I know I was there

They say, “Life is short”
But what if I refuse to die?
Will God take me anyway
Even if my children cry?

I’ll carry the weight of living
I’ll meet you later
I’ll give it one more try

They say, “You can’t stop progress”
But what if I don’t go there?
I will live in my world
I will breathe my own air

I’ll carry the weight of freedom
If you are short of breath
Your burden we will share


Mark Lecuona (author) from Austin, Texas on December 17, 2020:

Thank you for your comment my friend. I also go my own way. My high school and college friends were all blown away (some took it a bit hard at first because they thought I was too honestly emotional) by when I began writing ten years ago. I'd lived over 50 years and things changed dramatically when I discovered this passion. I don't avoid what people say but I resist the inertia of the mob.

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on December 15, 2020:

Thought provoking poem, and nice work, Mark. They say a lot of things...but I go my own way and make my own decisions not based on ”what they say.”

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