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They Regret Selling Her 2

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She worked on herself, because

She does not want to disappoint the coach

Her coach had never shown her, her lapses

All the years that she had been with her in their village

Under her tutelage training. Though

She was said, repeatedly, by the coach

To be one of the most dedicated

Dancer that she has ever come across as coach

But she never concentrated on her

She has concentrated on those she

Felt are the best and since there are

Many of them around to choose from

Among her peers how could she

Focus on her? She could not, if

A person does not perform well

Among her peers she would just

Shift to someone else who has

The same attributes and who could

Perform the feat, take those dancing steps.

This she has been doing for all

Because the village has been winning

Awards at that stage, people hardly notice

This and it is those she was training that

They used to talk to that they need to work

Hard to fit into the group or else

They would be booted out. Thus,

Everyone keeps trying to work on

Themselves in the camp to fit into the team.

The lapses that the new coach

Was showing her was never shown

Her by anyone in her village during

Training. Maybe they were deliberately

Doing that she cannot say, because

Nobody wants someone else to overtake

Him and maybe they also did not notice

That she cannot say, all she can say is

No one has ever pointed out

Those errors to her in her village

Training school. Now that this has

Been revealed unto her she started

Working on herself to become

One of the best around in the new

Village where she has been sold to

It was even a rare case to sell

Someone who has neither won award

Nor pass the fourth stage of the

Competition to neighboring village

This is rare and she does not want to

Disappoint the confidence the coach

Has in her, for at that age, she has

Started to fetch her parents tokens

Even as a supposed failure among her


People in the village. She wishes

To maintain this, becoming a source

Of income for her parents. Thus, she

Works day and night training herself.

She would become great influence

On her peers in the new village

For those people feel the person

Who has gotten to the fourth stage

On more than one occasion could

Be training like this, what of them that

Have not exceeded stage one. It means

If they would make it, they need to put in

Extra efforts into what they are doing.

Thus, they started working on themselves

After the normal trainings they would come

Together to train again. During the competition

The following year, they were all

Fielded by their coach as the representatives

Of the youths of the village and since

They had been the losing team always

No one hardly fixes their attention on

Them to make appreciable impact during the

Competition. It was surprising that this team

Performed brilliantly and the least among

The presented people dropped out at stage

Four while she with another lady get to the

Sixth stage before dropping out. It was very

Painful for her. But the coach was elated for

What has happened. The representatives

From the village she hailed from

Still go ahead to win the competition but

They have caused ripples in the competition

During that time. The coach encouraged them

That they now see that they can do what

They thought they cannot do? They can

Also win the competition. Those they are

Competing with are incredibly talented perhaps

From their womb she told them, but there

Is nothing stopping them from overturning the

Table against them. All they need to do is

Put in more effort. Success is about 10 percent

Based on talents while it is 90 percent related to

Personal efforts as they could all see. Given a little

More than before, they would upturn the tide of things

The coach told everyone. They were grateful

Unto their coach for having such confidence in them

That they can make it and they promised their

Coach to work more to correct all the lapses

In the concluded competition and win medal

For her, not for them, for her, because she is

Really instrumental to the changes taking place

In all they are doing they said to her.


They left the competition with their shoulders

High, believing that if they are alive and could

Come for the next competition, at least a medal

From any of the stages would be won.

The stir she caused has made people to

Sit and believe that no one could be completely

Written off in life. Though she did not win

But she has changed remarkably her mates confessed.

During the following competition she did

Not win again, but she got to the seventh stage

Of the competition while two of those who were in the

Juvenile stage whom she was assisting their

Coach to tutor made it to the last. Thus,

Those eventually came home with the second

And third prices and the entire village was glad

For the remarkable changes that had happened

In the village. They have never gone that far

Before, winning award in dancing competition

Among about 35 villages that usually come

For the competition since they have been

Attending the competition in the last 15 years

The entire team was celebrated when they returned

To their village it was as if they had won in all

The stages and yea won the gold.

During the fourth competition this lady

Performed exceptionally for she was presented

For the Youth phase and the adult phase by her

Coach she won the youth phase while her companion

Came second in that stage. Since she was

The only one representing the village in the adult

Stage, she also won the stage for the village and

That was how she created a record being the first

In the history of the competition to win

Youth stage’s gold and adult’s stage gold in

The same competition not that he won it at different times

Their joy know no limitations as she became

Ambassadors for many companies within the

Neighborhood and outside their region. She

Will tell her coach when she returned to the

Village and training that she has won those for her

And she will win her own during the next

Competition and this was what happened. This position

She won back to back for about 10 years

And became the force to be reckoned with in dancing

In the entire region. Through her the income

Of the village increased. Meanwhile when she

Has been dominating the scene, the people

From her village went to her appealing to her

To return to their village that they needed her

Services but she asked them to go to her coach

Her coach asks them to go to her, because she

Has fulfilled what she wants to use her for,

Because she has raised many youths who

Could compete with her, what she used to win

Them is her experience, thus she is confident

That if she leaves those she has raised would not

Perform poorly, if they do not win, they would

At least get the third prize. That was how they

Kept tossing people from her town to and fro

And they went to her parents to convince her

To return to her village, for after-all when a

Ship goes across the nation of the world

Ship would still return to harbor, they told her

Parents that, and her harbor is her village she needs

To come to her rescue now that they need her most

Her parents told them that they cannot decide for her

Again, she has left the stage that she could be taken decision for.

After failing, they told the village to sell her to them

For they sold her to the village before and when

The village she was representing told them the price

They would sell her, they discover that they cannot

Afford the price, that is how they let her be.

She would later retire from the active competition

And become one of the coaches for the village.

What her village lost, they never get back again

Even when they seek to have it back it was beyond them.


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