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They Regret Selling Her 1

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Twice in a year

The representatives of the

Villages in the neighborhood

Come together for Dancing competition.

The competition is in

Three categories depending on

The ages of the contestants.

The categories are children

Also called the juvenile

The youths and the

Adults categories. Each village\

Grooms her contestants for the

Competition and it is

A process of catching them from

Their early stages before

They get to the youthful stage

Through this competition they

Have raised world stars

In music especially in dancing

And through this the economy

Of the region has been

Improved upon for people

From all over the world

Do come to their neighborhood

To get good dancers for

Their songs and other things.

It has now become an

Industry on its own in the neighborhood.

Since they are being

Groomed from their juvenile

Phase, it is those who are

Exceptional in the dancing steps

At this juvenile phase that

Would move to the Youth

Class while those at the Youth

Would move to the adult stage.

However, most of the

Youth dancers do not advance

To the adult phase, which

Essentially is the phase where

Those people would start

Earning a living, those who

Continued with dancing at the

Adult phase have made dancing

Their job, source of livelihood

Rarely do dancers earn living

From their juvenile stage.

But many of those at the Youth phase

Hardly continues to the adult

Phase because of marriage

Some though good would

Opt for another source of livelihood

While some would eventually

Leave the island and neighborhood

To another country and continent

Where such is hardly practiced.

Those who scaled the hurdle

To the adult stage would

Eventually be sponsored by

People in their village

And often, they could

Also start sponsoring themselves

If their performances have

Been “wow” among their

Contemporaries in which they

Have been winning some

Awards over the years. Most

Of the awards won are monetary

And or could be converted

Into monetary form by the winners.

She has been in the juvenile

Stage of the neighboring village

But she cannot be considered to

Be among the “bests” among

Their peers, she is not

Even among the first ten dancers

Among her peers going by

Her coach’s selection. According

To her coach she was needed

To give others what to compete

Against during their rehearsals and

Trainings and not because she

Sees her making a future from

Among the groups of dancers in her stage

She is not considered for

Moving to the next phase after

She finished the juvenile phase

By her coach. Despite this

She used to start the competition

With others and though would

Drop out at the third or at most

The fourth stage of the competition

For her peers, juvenile. All the phases

Have 7 stages and the final stage

Is the 8th phase where about three

People would be selected


It is sure that anyone who

Gets to the eighth stage would

Go home with a price. If the

Person did not come out tops

She would be last, and it is

The first three that would be

Awarded prizes of different ranges

From different companies while the

Winner would become the ambassador

Of a company for another 6 months

And would be receiving salary

From the company. If such

Could maintain his or her

Status, it could be renewed by

The company and through that

The person could be saving money

To become a renowned person

In the industry when he becomes

An adult. This maiden was

Registered for the competition

As she used to get registered

And she would not even get

To the fourth stage of the

Competition that month as

She was dropped out at

The third stage of the competition

After being dropped out a

Coach from another village

Walked to her to talk with

Her, telling her how wonderful

She was in dancing, that

She has been following her

Over the years and have

Noticed that she used to make

The same mistake and it

Was that same mistake that used

To lead to her failure to

Progress into the next phase

Of those competition. She appreciated

What the coach said, but

According to the rules and

Standards of her village and

Other villages that comprise

The jurists judging them in the

Competition that is going to be

Her last competition. Thus

She walked away from the

Coach not wanting to hear anything

Because she has been down-casted

And has began to think of

Other things to start doing after

Failing in her bid, her very last.

The coach walked up to the

Coach of the village who is her

Coach to talk to her about the

Maiden. After they talked she

Asks the coach to sell the

Lady to her, her village because

They do not have someone of

Her age who could do something

That she has done. Those

Who belong to her age among

The village where this coach

Coaches others do not exceed

The first stage of the competition

But she has gotten to the fourth

Phase of the competition on

About three occasions and all

She needed was a small push

And tutoring and she would

Exceed that phase and perhaps

Go on to be one of the three finalists

Her coach who has never fixed

Her attention on her never

Think about what she said twice

Before asking this coach that

She would sell the lady.

To her village. According to

This coach she is even doing the

Lady a favor by selling her to them

Because she would make some

Money from the village. The

Deal to sell the maiden was

Completed and the maiden was

Glad that her coach offers to

Sell her to another coach from

Another village. When she gets

To the other village the coach

Showed her, her lapses, why

She used to fall at the stage

If she could get over those lapses,

The coach told her that she is

Sure that she would become a

Force to be reckoned with in

The neighborhood if not the world.

She promised to do her best.