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They Never Look Lonely

Samuel Malik Canty: the Word Bird. I am the author of Five Poetry Books, I understand my Purpose, and my words are my proof...



They never looked lonely, but they were…Never looked sad but their inside wept daily.

False pride rode around beating itself on the chest even in the face of constant stress.

Carried it well, undetected by outside eyes that get strength from human misery…Unnoticed by pretend loved ones who have mastered the art of self-centered.

They never looked lonely, but I have seen them wipe the silent tears stains again, and again, right in front of their so-called family and friends, who pretend with them.

I have seen some of them dress in provocative clothing, seeking to draw attention to some of their pretension...

Seen some of them with plastic smiles glued all over colorful made-up faces and hairdos, bringing more attention to the Tears of a Clown, than someone who profess to wear a crown.

They never looked lonely, yet when no one is around and pretending can take a moments rest, if you listen carefully, you can Hear Weeping underneath the serenity mask.

Mirror, Mirror on any wall let the Real You Always Stand Tall…

Dedicated to the confused, the lonely, the pretender, people who dress in the dark of their mind and especially for people who refuse to change.

While you are pretending to be glowing, your low self-esteem is showing.

They never look lonely, but they were...

Mirror, Mirror, on any wall let the Real You Always Stand Tall...

Love Yourself above all else, It really is okay no matter what your Haters might say.

© 2017 Malik S Canty