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They Met at Women's Day Celebration's Colloquium #1

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


It is yet another day for the women's day celebration

All over the globe, however the women of the island

For the past ten years have been marking that day

By meeting at a designated venue to discuss about

Myriads of issues ranging from local to global and preferring the likely solutions to be those problems.

This is how they used to mark their day in the island

When the summit started about ten years back

Not many people considered that the program would

Not pack up like many others, but it has not packed

Up, yea, the uncovered grounds have been covered

Now it has become international colloquium in which

People from all over the world do come to grace the

Occasion. They started the colloquium at a small hall

Owned by one of the women, but about three years ago

The venue has been changed to the island's hall

The new venue has been chosen because it is the

Biggest hall within the island and it has many facilities

That people from advanced climes would prefer a standard

Hall has. As from the time of the change, the organizers

Have been ensuring that nothing stops them from using the venue

To prevent lapses, they used to book for the venue

Months before the day. Last year's event could not be

Forgotten easily because there were distributions of

Things for the widows, widowers, orphans, and scholarships

Of varying degrees were awarded to people.

To incorporate people from other countries and continents

The organizers have used a raffle draw by

Randomly selecting emails of people from far and nigh to give them money as one of the beneficiaries of the program so that they will also be touched by them.

People who have benefited from the celebration

Keep talking about the event till this day that

They want to mark another women's day globally.

Everyone trusts that this year's event would be better than last year's event in all ramifications.

The town hall to be used for the program is gradually filling up, as people from all over the

Island and other invited guests from other countries and islands have been arriving at the venue of the colloquium.

For the past four weeks, the security of the island

Has been beefed up because of different figures; international and

Local dignitaries who have shown their interests

Of gracing the occasion this year. Initially

Many of them have put the organizers of the program in suspense.

Because they have not categorically stated whether

They shall grace the occasion or not,

But this changed about five weeks ago

When secretary of the organizing committee

Started receiving messages from those invited.

Messages pouring in from far and near have

Shown that they will be coming for the event

At least about 85% of the messages received show

That while it is the belief of many that there will

Yet be others who will change their minds.

Having discovered this, some members of the organizing committee

Have put on their thinking caps to know what has

Brought about the changes in people's mind to

Desire to attend the program. Since the inception

Of thr program about ten years ago

There have been no positive response like those

Received this year of many who have said they

Shall be available for the program. Indeed those

Who said they have engagements before have cancelled

Their engagements to attend the event.

This sudden change of mind by the invited guests

Baffled them and they are brainstorming on knowing

The reason because there have been no changes

To the guest speakers neither other dignitaries

Nor countries.

They desire to know this so that their reports would

Contain that for those who will be in the position to

Organize other editions to put that into use or modify

It to get more people for the event in future.

However hard they think their reasoning failed them.


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