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They Met at Women's Day Celebration Colloquium #6

It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


Before she left the auditorium she met with the woman briefly,

Having seen her she apologized to her that she will not be able

To discuss at length with her seeing that she is on

Her way out with the organizers, therefore she gives

Her, her card imploring her to meet with her at her hotel lobby later in the day.

Adding that they shall have more time together then. The

Woman collected the card and promised to be at the

Hotel lobby at the said time. After this each person went her ways

The young resource person has been thinking maybe she

Wants to meet invite her for another seminar.

This is because many people have talked about her

Presentation that they really enjoyed it. She must have

Enjoyed the presentation too and wants me to speak at

A function she reasoned. She doesn't know that was not

What was in the mind of the woman.

What the woman has for her is something bigger than what

Was in her mind. When they eventually met later in the day

The woman told her the brief history about herself and

How shebhas resigned from her former job to establish

A business.

But she has not been able to get good hands and brains

To work with in establishing thebusiness. She told her

Of all she has passed through with those people she has

Invited before. Her interactions with them have eroded the

Little ideas which she thought she has about business.

Now she doesn't know what is right again because of what

Those people have done. Since her last interaction with the

Last sets of people she invited went south she has been

Thinking of how to start again. During the course of her

Presentation something wells up in her to discuss with her.

They discussed at length about the business and they

Reached an agreement on what they would do. By her

Agreeing to what the woman has said, she will also become

One of the Executive officers of the company. She is expected

To use her wealth of knowledge to build the business while she

Suplies the capital.


Their coming together was really a blessing unto the duo

Because everything turned around for them for good and

The business grows. Because of their dedication, focus, discipline

They were able to build a thriving business which eventually

Spread to nooks and crannies of the world.

"Two good heads are better than one", this word is

True for the duo who some years after were invited

To women in business seminar and there they explained how

They met and how they have been able to make

Their dreams come true.

They have by their coming together been able to make

Changes in the world, erasing the ancient beliefs of

People about the entrepreneurial skills and management

Of women.They therefore encourage all on seat especially the

Young ladies to work on themselves, put to use their hidden talents.

They are enjoined never to look down on themselves that

They cannot achieve what they dreamt about because of

Their gender, for if it can come to their imaginations

It means they can achieve it, gender should not be their


They should not look down on themselves wherever

They are and in whatever discipline they are in.

"If it can come to your mind, it is designed for you

Not another person and you can achieve it".

The young entrepreneurs were happy for their

Words and promise not to limit themselves in all their