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They Met at Women’s Day Celebration Colloquium #5


Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


The driver drove into the parking arena got out of the vehicle as her aide carries

Her luggage and followed her, they were checked in to the hall and was ushered to her sit

While the aide carried her file containing her papers to her desk. She greeted the people

On the high table, as she takes her seat. The volume of the music being played by the “DJ” is being reduced.

The emcee walks to the podium to address the audience, telling them in brief the history of the

Colloquium amongst other things, linking what he is saying to the Women’s Day celebration

Being marked globally, she says she believes that at other parts of the world, there would be

Gathering like this, where women would come together to brain storm, talk about world’s

Development and how they can contribute their quota to the world’s development and growth.

(People clapped) As she continues, we are in a new dispensation, a new generation, in this new no one could be brushed aside, everybody matters and especially women. If the world indeed is ready for positive changes in her to take place. An age long proverb says “by the wisdom of the children, youths, adults and the aged the world is formed”, no one is a reservoir of knowledge nor wisdom, not even any gender.

You share your insight, I share mine and when they are harnessed together by the think-tanks in the society they become whole and formidable carving out “something from nothing” (Audience Clapped) as she introduces the person who is to take the microphone from her.

The presentation were also intertwined with some cultural and foreign dances and playlet to enliven the atmosphere. Refreshments are served at the colloquium, as presenters keep presenting. The young maidens also did well in her presentation.

When she was presenting, the lady who has been thinking on how to get started and who to rely on has strong impression on her heart to discuss with the young economist about the business. She checked through her profile on the pages of the booklet which has been given everyone and becomes the more convinced that she is the one to contact for this business proposal. She hopes to meet with her after her presentation.

Having seen her aide, she sends message to her and they met outside. She asks her of how she can meet with her superior. Her response was she would not know her schedule after the presentation because things may have changed. However with the time table of her before her at the moment, she should be able to meet with her even if for a minute before they leave the venue of the colloquium. She was glad to hear this.

After her presentation, her maid told her of the woman. She likes meeting with her but as things stand, the organizers have dropped a note for her that they want to see her after the colloquium is over, however, even if for a minute, I will see her before leaving with the organizers, she whispered to her aide. The message was delivered to the woman and she was happy that she could squeeze out her time to see her.

Women's Day Special Song-Girl-2021


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