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They Met at Women's Day Celebration Colloquium #4


Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


However, at the last minute she gets another point and she feels that needs to be included in the

Paper she will present at the venue of the program thence she has been extracting, deleting and

Adding the point to fit perfectly in to the papers she will present. She of course knows that there

Are intelligent women globally, some even in her field, and those who are not in her field, some

People are vast readers, they read anything.

Therefore, she cannot afford not to be updated in her presentations because no one knows what

Other openings that presentation would bring to her since the organizers have promised to air

The program live on many of the social media and international broadcasting houses globally.

As she keeps working on what to delete and how to integrate the points into the articles, she was

Looking at the time.

Now she says, to the young maiden who has accompanied her, that she should peep through the

Window to see if their chauffeur has been waiting at the vehicle for them. We are late for the

Program she says. “Just take everything easy”, she replied her, “One step at a time lest we err”.

“Thanks darling” she replied, as she continues with her preparation. She did not see the chauffeur at

The car and was about to say that when they heard a knock at their door.

“That must be the chauffeur knocking” she says to her. “Go, check who is there”, she replied.

It was the chauffeur she replied. Usher her in, “I am almost done”, she says to the chauffeur as he

Enters the room, you can see that we are dressed up, just want to add this latest point, for I cannot

Avoid not to be updated in my presentation she says to her. “Take everything easy madam, though

The place is a bit far, but I know some short roads to the venue to beat the time.

“Thanks sir, I appreciate”, she says, ordering them to start moving the things that they will take to

The venue into the car if any, and her assistance and the driver started doing that to beat the time

While she starts saving the documents because she has succeeded in inserting the point in the right

Place among the papers before her to present. Soon enough she was through, as she sends the

Edited portion to the printer to print it out.

Soon they were in the car heading for the venue of the program, and people started coming in,

Important personalities who have met at an occasion or one before continues to exchange

Pleasantries among themselves and there was a silent music being played by the Female DJ

Invited to handle the program, while the arrangements keep going, it was while they were doing this

That a woman entered.

This woman is in her early thirties and has resigned from one of the companies recently having

Worked there for fifteen years. She has saved some money and she desires to invest it in business

However, she has been having difficulties starting the business because she has no prior knowledge

About the business and she would not want to fail because she wants to invest all she had into the

Business she has tried some people, but they have failed.

Dhe has been disturbed and has been seeking for means of

Getting reliable person to assist her in establishing the

Business even if it means they form partnership.

This has been in her mind until the invitation came

And she decides to mark the day with other women in the

Island. She is now sitted like others awaiting further instructions from the organizers.


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