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They Met at Women's Day Celebration Colloquium #3


Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


The three days demonstration of the women of the developing island speak volume

And the organizer committee members who have put on their thinking caps to know why

The sudden changes from the people believed the demonstration has a major influence

On people and island who have abinitio stated that they are not coming nor have been

Skeptical about gracing the event.

Having gotten this at their finger tips the organizers felt they needed to do more on

Advertising the program to add to add to the fire that has already been ignited by the

Women of another island. They thence bring together different intriguing moments

From the previous editions of the program which were recorded and turn them into

Adverts which were paid for on the internet and other international media bodies.

As they increased this, they equally got more security personnel notified of the event

And the need to beef up the security at the venue of the program. The government of the

Island has also supported the women, by releasing some money to them for proper organization

And has commanded the Secretary of Defense to ensure that they mobilize more hands to

Provide adequate security at the venue.

In addition to this the government has shifted all the programs scheduled to hold at the

Venue to another venue or outrightly shifted forward to support the women’s program.

This is because of the submitted report by the security personnel that the security at the

Venue needs to be beefed up and to do this they will need about three or more weeks before

The day.

If they can get about three or more weeks the secretary of defense has stated that the security

Personnel by then can boldly say, humanly speaking they have put everything in place to secure

The venue of the program. Since many international figures have signaled their interest in gracing

The program, the government leaders cannot but oblige the secretary and make necessary adjustments to her programs.

Therefore for the past four weeks, the security of the island has been beefed up with special

Attention on the town hall as the best intelligent agencies have been moved to the town hall

To ensure that the place is well protected. The security personnel have also been working with

The security details of many of the international figures invited to ensure their lives are well

Secured before, during and after leaving the island.

All the intelligent reports they are getting are monitored by the secretary of defense because of

The importance attached to the program, the government does not want it fail nor do anyone

Within the island for this the people of the island believe would paint them well to the outside

World and some other international programs that have been scheduled to hold at the island

Would be approved by the international bodies without fear.

The venue is gradually filing up with the security personnel checking the people who wanted to

Enter the venue to know their status, from the entrance the ushers will lead the people to the right

Seat earmarked for them.

She is one of the people who have been selected to speak at the venue. The time is ticking fast,

She ought to have gotten to the venue by now or at least be moving near to the venue of the

Program but she is yet in her hotel room putting finishing touches to the paper she wants to present

At the venue of the program. She has been asked to speak on “Women’s Role in Global Economy”.

She has been working round the clock since the day she has been nominated as one of the speakers.

She recently has been awarded master’s degree in Economics, which was her first degree, it has

Been stated that her thesis was one of the best ever globally as she dissected the global economy

Even the illiterates could understand what she was saying in her thesis. The organizers have been

Advised to invite her to speak at the venue of the program if she does not have an engagement that

Day, because she is gradually becoming a world figure.

When she was contacted she has checked through her diaries and discovered she was free that day,

Being the Women’s Day. Since then she has been preparing her papers for the day, deleting and

Adding new points based on the recent findings and developments globally for she must give the

Women the best for they deserve the best more so that she is of that gender she cannot give them anything less.

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