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They Met at Women's Day Celebration Colloquium #2

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However, something of note happened about

Six weeks ago and the news of the incident reached

The ends of the earth. What happened was the

Three days demonstration held by women of one

Of the developing islands to show their displeasure

About how they are being treated within the island

Because only one percent of the educated women

And ladies of the island were employed by the government

Of the island. Since the women's day celebration

Is at the corner, those women reasoned together.

After their deliberations they agreed that their demonstrations

Would be meaningful and have more impact even

Globally if it was held close to the global yearly

Women's day celebration. This exactly was what


By the demonstration of those women messages were

Sent across the globe, that women also matter in the

World and people should be treating them as such

They should not be swept under the carpets again

In their respective countries and towns.

Their demonstrations were well planned, well

Carried out because it was aired by many of the

Popular broadcasting houses in the island. Apart

From this, the demonstrations were simultaneously

Carried out by members in major towns within the island.

On the second day, all the social media within the

Island and international media houses aired the

Event live and all attempts of the government of

The island to shut down the internet failed because

Of the involvement of the international media groups.

The government of the island has no access to

The servers of those international groups neither

Known those among the women who were

Transmitting live the demonstrations as they

Keep singing and chanting around the major streets

Virtually everything in the world has gone digital

There may be nembers of the group who belong

To the international media or they may have been

Sponsored by those international media groups.

Someone who knows about such live transmission says

All that such women need to do is put on

Something called micro-transmitters through

These micro transmitters signals would be sent

Live to those social media houses for they will

Have set them at certain frequencies

Which would be the same with the receiving end

For the seamless transmission to take place.

Through this medium the women were sending

Their messages to the world of how they have been

Repressed, oppressed and denied their rights in society

Many of them stated through the forum that they

Were never given fair hearing by the government on

Seat, they have been wrongly assessed and judged

Among other terrible things that they have been doing

To them.

While the leaderships keep molesting them, the

Men they married to also saw many of them as things

At their respective homes, being raped,battered,

With majority of them not taken care of their homes

Yet they want their loyalties.

As they continued to expose the dirty linen of the

Leaderships to the world, the leaderships were

Unease because they have been telling lies to the

World prior now since they are those who have access

To the media and are being listened to

Those leaders tried to shut the messages of the

Women but they couldn't because of the international

Linkages that they had no power over. As they

Listened to them speak out their minds they know

They have lost their prestige internationally,the

Castles they have built in the firmaments have crumbled.


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